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About champion gate motors

Champion gate motors is a security systems installations and repairs both at commercial level and domestic. We basically do most of the security installation systems available on the market today. Below will be a short description of some of the services we do provide.

Driveway Gates

We do the construction of different gates both sliding and swinging with installations done to meet automations requirements. With a wide range of gate designs one will have a chance to choose the design that will meet your needs. If you bump your gate don’t crack your head and panic as we also provide onsite gate repairs and straightening.

Gate motor installation and repairs

One of our key service area is the automation of the gate. Automated gates have become the modern style in most houses and business premises. Gate motors provide the most wanted convenience and security over bad weather and criminal environments. The automated gate will save you from unnecessary car hijack when you try to open the gate manually, not forgetting the trouble of getting out of the car when its raining.

garage door repairs
garage door repairs and installations

Garage door repairs and installations

Palisade and clear vu fencing

Garage door installations and repairs

Garage doors have become so important in giving a nice finish look to the house and protecting cars from bad weather conditions. We do supply and install a wide range of garage doors from wooden, alu-zinc, aluminum and alu-glass doors. Garage doors can be very dangerous and can cause harm if not properly installed hence its very important that all safety precautions are done during installation. We also carry out repairs on broken springs, broken panels, and general service. The garage door motor installations and repairs we also do.

Electric fence installations and repairs

Electric fence is one the best parameter protection for both residential and commercial properties. Electric fence has over the years proven that it can provide a good deterrent effect to intruders although in some cases some notorious criminals find their way in. When a fence is installed correctly and functioning well it really does prevent intrusion in a greater way. There are different types of electric fence designs depending on the security level required and also the final look to the property.