Cctv cameras installations repairs


CCTV systems have been very helpful both to have a record of what has happened and also to deter intrusion. For many years cameras have always provided accurate evidence on events that has occurred. It is factual that our eyes can’t see everywhere at the same time hence the need to use cameras. Whilst cameras do not stop intrusion or misbehavior physically, but it gives you an idea of how to prevent such things from happening again. We do CCTV camera installation and repairs.

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CCTV cameras

How does CCTV cameras secure my house or business?

  • cameras watch every area of your house where they are installed all the time even when you are away.
  • they give a psychological deter ant effect to intruders or people who might behave wrongly at your house.
  • Investigation or simply monitoring events that has happened in your absence is easier.
  • In the event that there is an intruder at your house most probably at night it is risky to go outside but cameras will help you see them.
  • Workers tend to behave well when they know that cameras are monitoring them.
  • CCTV footage has always been the highest form of evidence even in courts in the event of crime committed at your property.
  • With offsite monitoring you can now have a live view, capture photos, play back your cameras on your smart phone.

Types of CCTV systems

There are two main types of CCTV systems which are Analogue system and IP system.