Gate motor fixing in Centurion area. PC board replacements and all repairs spares available. Same day electric gate openers repairs in Centurion. Book a technician today for amazing service.

Mostly gate motors stop working when least expected. Champion gate motors is here to give you fast, reliable same day gate motor repairs in Pretoria services. Motor gate repair services are quick with us, as we carry the parts that usually break. In most cases we do onsite repairs although at times the motor for gate is taken in for major fixing. Gate motors break due to a lot of factors, But when it does do not worry it can be repaired. The common parts that fail on a motor gate is the control card, charger or battery. In very rare cases does the gearbox break although it does in some instances. Among the types of motors we fix is Centurion, Gemini, ET and also DTS. Our gate motor repair Pretoria team is on standby to help.

Centurion gate repairs services

We come out to do centurion gate motor repairs in all around Pretoria. Generally we cover almost all the major brands of motor gates in our local market. Our centurion gate motor fixing is fast and also reliable as we carry spares that gates damaged the most. Problems on electric gates could be electronic, mechanical as well as physical damage. At times it could also be wear and tear due to age. Repairing centurion gate motors always need a thorough diagnosis to determine the problem. Remote gate motors usually show signs of faults before finally giving up, But unfortunately gate users ignore these signals.

What signs show gate motor needs repairs?

Most gate motors show signs or symptoms that they need fixing before finally giving up. Here is some of the things that gate users need to be on the look out for.

  • unusual noises from the gate itself
  • overload sound from the motor
  • gate motor moving at a slower speed that normal
  • Warning sounds from the gate motor
  • gate opening by itself randomly
  • gate closes and re open immediately

Gate motor repair cost

There is no definite cost to the repair of gate motors as this varies by brand, motor size as well as parts to be replaced. However general motor gate repairs range starting from R350.00 to about R2500.00 in some cases. It is always very important to compare the cost of repairing the gate motor with buying a new one, especially when the motor is old. Also one need to get reputable gate repairs services company to reduce the risk of repeated fixing on the gate as this might be costly. Good technicians do a more permanent fix to the gate motor at a reasonable and necessary cost. At champion gate motors we believe in workmanship guaranteed gate services.

Centurion gate motor troubleshooting

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Below is the most common gate motor problems or breakdowns and how to fix it by yourself. Please note that some of the gate motor fixing needs qualified technicians and also safety precautions must always be adhered to.

  1. Gate motor not responding to remote controls

    Check for flat battery on both the remote and also the gate motor and fix it.

  2. The gate moves slow and then stop halfway

    Check the battery and get it tested or clean up the rail as well as bad wheels.

  3. Sliding gate opens and refuses to close

    If the gate is installed with beams or sensors then it could be the primary reason, otherwise it is a faulty control card.

  4. Centurion gate motor beeping

    This is usually a fault warning signal especially from a centurion motor. Look out for power failure or collision detected. Make sure your mains is on and the gate railing is clean.

  5. Electric gate refuses to open

    Fault number one above can be associated with this problem. Put you gate on manual and contact a technician for help.

  6. Gate hits hard on the end stop and open by itself

    Reset the PC board to factory default and set the limits again. Also check for the origin magnet on the rack if it is a Centurion gate motor.

  7. Centurion D5 gate motor opens sporadically by itself

    This problem is associated with something that is triggering the gate. It could be some damaged intercom cable, faulty receiver or neighbor’s remote control.

D5 Evo centurion gate faults

  • Gate motor makes beeping sound is usually for the D5 Evo. This is a fault status indicator about power failure but can a few more problems. Make sure your power is on or check the charger
  • Gate stalled massage on the screen means the gate has hit maximum collisions. This can be fixed by clearing the gate area and resetting the motor.
  • Beams active tells you that the gate sensors are not seeing each other. check for obstructions and also faulty beams.
  • No org found is to say the motor can nor see the origin magnet on the rack. push the magnet closer to the switch.
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Good maintenance practices for gates

Finally the best practice is to do some checks all the time to make sure your gate is always in good order. A regular check on the gate wheels condition is of utmost importance. When gate wheels are worn out they give a lot of strain to the motor therefore damaging it. Always keep the gate railing clean to avoid unnecessary collisions. It is very advisable to switch you gate to manual in the event of longer periods of power outage. Usually when the gate motor battery drains flat, it will not pick up charge nicely again.


  • Felix was exremely efficient and helpful. I wouls recommend him any time.

  • Proffesional excellent service!

  • Phoned them in the afternoon and they arrived the same day. Must say Adolf and Colin really know what they are doing. The gate was fixed and then the garage door, which another company had quoted me thousands to replace the springs, these guys said the tension just had to be adjusted. I would recommend them to anyone needing motorised gate and Garage door repairs. Great service !!

  • We received amazing service from Felix. He was willing to come out at very short notice, and then an hour before he was due to arrive I had to let him know that we had load shedding. He was completely understanding and said I could just let him know when the power is back on. He also followed up with me during the day to get an update on the power. He fixed the gate motor same day at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Felix to anyone. Thank you Felix, you are great.

  • The best service I have received in years. I have a Day Care (Creche) Felix and his Team just seem to strive to keep their Customer Service motto. Clients are number ONE to them. I recommend them to all. They go that EXTRA MILE to keep you happy.

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