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In recent years electric fencing has become very popular for both residential and business security. Given all the security threats in our society today electric fence installations in Montana have gone high. One may ask “how does the electric fence work? The electric fence wires are connected in series or parallel with power circulated from the energizer. Putting up electric fences is usually done by trained installers although one can try a D.I.Y. It is always best to use electric fence installers near you to help in the event of any faults. Firstly we want to look at how much does it cost to put up a fence in south Africa. Secondly will be electric fence installation Montana prices and finally how the fence works basically. Get help from our electric fence installers Montana.

How much does it cost to put up a fence?

When one is thinking of installing a fence, then the price to pay question arises. Prices for electric fence installation differs with the type of fence and also number of lines. Installation of a 6 line wall top starts from about R65.00 per meter wiring materials supplied. While 11 line freestanding fence will start form R125.00 per meter wiring materials supplied. The energizer kit including earthing is the charged separately ranging from R3850.00 installed. These prices are a guideline and based on estimates that are subject to change please contact Electric fence installers Montana.

2021 electric fence price list

The price list below is subject to change please always contact us to confirm current prices. The prices include supply and installation of all materials except the energizer kit.

Wall top electric fence installation prices

  • 6 line fence = R75.00 per meter (600mm height)
  • 8 line fence = R85.00 per meter (800mm height)
  • 10 line fence = R 95.00 per meter (1000mm height)
  • 12 line fence = R110.00 per meter (1200mm height)

Free standing fence installation prices

  • 18 line fence = R185.00 per meter (1800mm height)
  • 24 line fence = R210.00 per meter (2400mm height)
  • 30 line fence = R 285.00 per meter (3000mm height)

Energizer kits (includes energizer, lightning diverter, siren, strobe light, 2 fence lights, 3 earth spikes and installation)

  • Wizord 4 energizer kit = R3850.00 (single zone 4 joule)
  • Merlin 4 energizer kit = R4000.00 (single zone 4 joule)
  • Druid 13 energizer kit = R4350.00 (single zone 3 joule)
  • Druid 15 energizer kit = R 4750.00 (single zone 5 joule)
  • Merlin M18 energizer kit = R4950.00 (single zone 8 joule)
  • Merlin M28 energizer kit = R6250.00 ( double zone 8 joule)
  • Druid 18 energizer kit = R 6750.00 (single zone 8 joule)
  • Druid 114 energizer kit = R 7350.00 ( single zone 14 joule)

How does electric fence work?

The electric fence wires are connected in series for high security while parallel is for bigger fences. Coupled with the energizer which sends a pulse of voltage across the electric fence of up to 8000v. In the meantime the energizer sends the pulse while monitoring its return. For instance if a wire is cut and the energizer fail to receive back the pulse then it triggers alarm. Moreover the energizer is meant to check on short to earth. Hence the short to earth also triggers alarm. Having talked about the voltage through the fence someone would ask if this kills humans. Indeed the electric fence voltage is non lethal as it is in pulses. But the shock can be very dangerous. Of course a proper electric fence installation will deliver proper voltage for best security. For New electric fence installation regulations in South Africa click here.

Types of electric fences

Domestic electric fencing.

This basically refers to those installations at homes and small holdings. The fence is usually installed on top of the wall although is some instances it can be free standing. A properly installed electric fence will ensure better security to the user.

Commercial electric fencing.

In most cases this type of fence is done on commercial property or large residential property. These properties usually require high security installations. Electric fence zoning in these fences is very important. A fence with multiple zones allows the user to monitor intrusion or faults easily. From two zones up to 20 electric fence zones per Energizer.

Farm and game electric fencing.

Most applications in this category involves very long distance fencing. These installation serves both security and animal management systems. Special installation skills must be used to achieve high level of security and animal management. Multiple electric fence zones help a lot in these installations.

What does an ideal fence deliver?

  • It is important that the fence is safe to pets and kids of the end user. At most we become so irritated with the criminals that we forget our safety as users. Electric fence release a high pulsed voltage which can cause harm to kids or pets.
  • High voltage of a minimum of 6000V at any point. Electric fence voltage is subject to resistance and as such, a low resistance conductor must be used. In the view of Security a fence that shocks hard at any given point is preferable.
  • Equally and well tensioned wires. Before the electric fence can shock someone it must be a physical barrier. This can only be achieved by a proper tension of the wires.
  • Alert intrusion or faults. One of the functions of an electric fence is to inform the user of intrusion or faults. A siren should be installed at a point where the user can hear it.
  • Fence monitoring and intrusion detection systems. With more crime rate, a lot of technology has been introduced to deter intrusion. These systems sense both pulling and cutting of wires.
  • The electric fence must leave minimal or no gap at all to allow intrusion. The electric fence installation needs to leave no space for someone to go through it lest it becomes useless.
  • Proper electric fence zoning. In long distant electric fence, putting zones is very important as well as a properly labeling them. In the event of faults or intrusion it is not easy to get the problem area on fence with no zones. A zoned fence also allows the security personnel to go to the exact place of intrusion.

Basic electric fence maintenance and security tips

  • To begin with keep the fence clear of any vegetation.
  • Always listen out for sparks as that leaks voltage.
  • keep the fence wires tight and also solid.
  • Periodically trigger your fence alarm by shorting it to make sure the siren works.
  • Check out for rusted wires and broken parts of the fence.

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