Electric fence repairs in Pretoria. Straining loose wires or fixing broken strands. Energizer repairs and replacements including proper fence earthing. Rusted old fence rewiring and bracket replacements. We do all major and small repair work on electric fences. If you have problems with the fence siren going off all the time we can fix it for you. Short to earth or broken live wire fault finding done with expert machines.

We carry out electric fence installations and repairs on existing electrical fences in and around Pretoria. This type of fence has become very common in parameter intrusion protection for both domestic and commercial properties. A properly installed electrical fence delivers the best security to your property including intrusion deterrence.

How does the electrical fence work ?

3 Ds Technology

  • Detect

The electric fence will detect any intruders when its cut or short circuited. The fence will send a signal to the energizer which will then trigger alarm resulting in a loud siren. The siren will then alert the owner of the property or armed response if your fence is linked. Finally this loud annoying sound usually send away intruders as they fear being caught onsite with neighbors also with local security.

  • Deter

The electric fence has got a very high deterrent effect to intruders. The basic idea that it’s a barrier that they need to go through first before meeting alarm beams, cctv and dogs is just a frustration to thieves. The electric fence circulates an average of 5000 v to 9000 v non-lethal voltage. This voltage gives a shock that is strong enough to deter someone from touching. Noteworthy this voltage does not kill but besides that it can temporarily paralyze the affected body parts for a period of about 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Delay

Electric fence delays intrusion by getting the intruders to spend some time finding ways of getting over the fence barrier. In most cases a person with a neighbor that has electric fence when he does not have suffer more intrusion than others.

Types of electric fencing installations.

  • Domestic electric fencing.

This basically refers to those installations at homes and small holdings. The fence is usually installed on top of the wall although is some instances it can be free standing. A properly installed electric fence will ensure better security to the user.

  • Commercial electric fencing.

In most cases this type of fence is done on commercial property or large residential property. These properties usually require high security installations. Electric fence zoning in these fences is very important. A fence with multiple zones allows the user to monitor intrusion or faults easily. From two zones up to 20 electric fence zones per Energizer.

  • Farm and game electric fencing

Most applications in this category involves very long distance fencing. These installation serves both security and animal management systems. Special installation skills must be used to achieve high level of security and animal management. Multiple electric fence zones help a lot in these installations.

What does an ideal fence deliver?

  1. It is important that the fence is safe to pets and kids of the end user. At most we become so irritated with the criminals that we forget our safety as users. Electric fence release a high pulsed voltage which can cause harm to kids or pets.
  2. High voltage of a minimum of 6000V at any point. Electric fence voltage is subject to resistance and as such, a low resistance conductor must be used. In the view of Security a fence that shocks hard at any given point is preferable.
  3. Equally and well tensioned wires. Before the electric fence can shock someone it must be a physical barrier. This can only be achieved by a proper tension given to the wires.
  4. Alert intrusion or faults. One of the functions of an electric fence is to inform the user of intrusion or faults. A siren should be installed at a point where the user can hear it.
  5. Fence monitoring and intrusion detection systems. With heightening crime rate a lot of technology has been introduced to detect intrusion. These systems sense both pulling and cutting of wires.
  6. The electric fence must leave minimal or no gap at all to allow intrusion. The installation needs to leave no space for someone to go through it lest it becomes useless.
  7. Proper electric fence zoning. In long distant electric fence, zoning is very important and a properly labeled zone naming provided. In the event of faults or intrusion it is not easy to get the problem area on an un zoned fence. A zoned fence also allows the security personnel to go to the exact place of intrusion.

Electric fence repairs Pretoria offers maintenance tips

Above all electric fence repairs Pretoria would like to keep end users more informed about electric fences. The electric fence is only as effective as its condition and state. One of the biggest challenge is that people can stay with either a dead or non energized fence  for a long time without knowing. Here is some basic practice that someone can do to check the condition of the fence.

  • check if the energiser is pulsing
  • check all the LED indicators of the energiser if they are in the normal state
  • take a piece of insulated wire and short the live wire with earth to check short to earth fault.
  • check your fence for rusting and loose wires or connections.
  • Get a technician to come and test your fence voltage at least once in three months.

Fence repairs Pretoria has highly skilled technicians in electric fencing , rather consult with us if you need any help.

We price electric fence based on the number of lines multiplied by distance. Because prices are subject to change please call us to confirm.

Wall top electrical fence

Wall top electric fence is the most common type of electric fence in most residential as well as commercial premises. This type of electric fence has got the brackets mounted onto the wall hence its called wall top electric fence. Unlike other types of fences this type has less electric fence repairs and maintenance problems. Electric fence height greatly depends on the number of lines , as such the fence brackets comes in different shapes and size.

The prices below includes supply of wires and brackets with installation but the energizer is charged separately from R 2750.00 to R 4500.00 installed depending on the size of the fence.

  • 6 line  fence = R 75.00 per metre
  • 8 line  fence = R 85.00 per metre
  • 10 line fence = R 95.00 per metre
  • 12 line fence = R 100.00 per metre

Free standing electrical fence

Free standing electric fence is commonly found in farms and game reserves. Because these areas are very huge for someone to erect walls around , they choose to put up electric fences. More importantly free standing electric fence provides more security and animal barrier to manage their movements. Unlike wall top electric fence the free standing electric fence posts are erected into the ground directly.

As a result free standing fence requires a lot of maintenance and electric fence repairs. However some of the best practices to keep the fence clean is by weeding around the electric fence. This can be done by applying herbicides to an area of about 1 m on either side of the electric fence. A clean electric fence is saved from veld fires and unnecessary faults due to vegetation. Depending on the height you prefer the free standing fence starts from 1.1 m to 3 m.

Below is prices for installation of free standing electric fence with all material supplied excluding the energizer.

  • 11 line fence = R 103.00 / m
  • 18 line fence = R 135.00 / m
  • 20 line fence = R 175.00 / m
  • 24 line fence = R 195.00 / m
  • 30 line fence = R 235.00 / m
Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria

Electric fences are subjected to the outside climatic environment therefore prone to some damage as a result. Hence repair on fences will need to be carried out as soon as a malfunction or damage is realized. Electrical fence repairs Pretoria carry out repairs on electrified fences and also fence related equipment.

  • energiser repairs
  • fence wire repairs and replacements
  • wire restraining
  • lightning diverters installation
  • gate contactors installations
  • faultfinding and fixing
  • multiple zone monitoring
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