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Garage door installers Pretoria

Champion gate motors supply and install all types of garage doors in the market. There are three main types of garage doors which is wooden doors, alu zinc doors and aluminum garage doors. As for installation styles of garage doors there is also three main types which are sectional doors, roll up doors and tip up doors. All these are further explained below. furthermore we provide garage door installer services an also do the automation and basic garage door service.

Garage door installation styles

As mentioned earlier, we are going to focus on the three main garage door installation styles.

Sectional garage door

Garage door installers Pretoria
Glass aluminum garage doors
Garage door installers Pretoria
40 block panel sectional alu zinc door.

Sectional garage doors as shown in the picture above, has horizontal panels joined together with hinges. These panel slide up along the rails mounted on the sides. To allow them to slide smoothly they are fitted with nylon roller wheels on the sides. With different types of design and colors on the panels, its absolutely the end user’s choice or garage door installer agency. Sectional garage doors have become the most popular style due to its nice finishing look to the house. All three types of garage doors are found in sectional style. For advice on the size and most suitable door please consult with your local garage door installers.

Roll up garage door

Garage door installers Pretoria
Steel roller up doors
Roller up doors
Steel roller up doors.

As suggested by the name, the roller up garage door rolls up on opening. Above is a typical roll up garage door, which can be found in different colors to suit your house paint and style. Roll up garage door comes mostly in a standard size of single garage door. ( 2550mm x 2100mm). Besides the standard size one can order special sizes to meet the of the garage door opening. To get the right size we strongly advise that you consult with your garage door installers. Roll up garage doors are mostly in steel and aluminum in some cases.

Tip up garage door

Tip up doors
Tip up garage door
Garage door installation styles
Tip up garage door

Most garage doors are named after their opening style. The tip up garage door is not very common in modern garage installation. The main reason why this garage door type is not so common is the fact that it limits the opening space. Like all the other garage doors the tip up comes in wood and steel. Tip up doors require experienced garage door installers.

Garage door types

As we mentioned earlier, garage doors are in three main types which are wooden, steel and aluminum. The choice of the garage door type is absolutely the user’s choice or installer opinion. Below are pictures of how the different doors look like.

Garage door installations
Alu glass doors

Garage door installers Pretoria
White aluzinc double door

What are the benefits of installing garage doors.

With most modern houses built with garages it is clear that they really serve the purpose. Garage door provides the security of cars and belongings inside the garage.
Over and above protecting our cars from criminals and bad weather, garage doors generally give the nice finish to the house. Given all these benefits you definitely need to install a garage door.

Installation of garage doors

The most critical part on garage doors is the installation. It is therefore important that you get the right garage door installers services. Bearing in mind that garage doors can be very heavy, it is therefore important that that its safely and firmly installed. Usually garage doors are installed after most construction work on the house is done. It is important to keep in mind the standard measurements of the disired door during construction. With the measurements of the garage door opening contact the installer for technical information.

Having consulted the garage door installer,order the type, design and colour you want.

How does one nkow the garage door has been installed properly.

  • A well installed garage door should be light opening and closing.
  • The door must open and close fully on a balanced weight.
  • The railing of the garage door must be securely and firmly installed.
  • A manual locking system must be installed.

These are just a few things to look out for.

Garage door automation

After installation the garage door can be installed with a motor, commonly known as the garage door opener. Garage door motors gives the final convenience and security. The motors differ from the type of doors. Most garage operators come with battery backup in the event of power outage. The strength of the garage door openers depends on the supplier and advice from the installer is therefore important.

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