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Most modern houses and business have garage doors installed. Garage doors serve to keep belongings safe and cars from harsh weather conditions. Garage door repairs Midrand services are therefore important as the doors break anytime unexpectedly. We fix all the three major types of garage doors sectional , roll up as well as tip up. This page covers all topics relating to garage doors. Firstly how much does it cost to fix a garage door? Secondly what are some common signs that my garage door needs repair? Thirdly the cost to replace garage door springs. Finally what is the cost for general service on a garage door?

How much does it cost to fix?

The cost of fixing garage doors in Midrand differs greatly according to type and the damage on the door. General fixing like spring tensioning, rails clean up and lubrication starts from R 550.00. In some cases there is need replace broken or worn out parts. The parts will be charged separate from the R 550.00 general labor. Repairs on the door openers starts from R 450.00 parts excluded. It is always advisable to compare the repairs cost against replacing with new. Professional and well garage door technicians usually save money as they give more lasting repairs. Our garage door repairs Midrand team is on standby to give you the best quote.

What are the common signs that my garage need attention?

  • The garage doors are meant to slide or roll quietly with little or no noise at all. Unusual noises either from the door or the opener is the first sign that it needs service.
  • Opening or closing too heavily means you door needs attention. All things being normal it must open with little effort.
  • If the door opens or close half way when you press the remote
  • broken springs or worn out lift cables
  • loose or missing screws on the garage door hinges
  • broken or bent door rails

Great safety precautions must be observed with garage doors as the can be very dangerous if the fall off. Please keep your door in good working order before damaging your valuables or weakening your security. Do you need garage door repairs Midrand emergency services contact us now.

How much does it cost to replace garage door springs?

The cost to replace the springs depends on whether they are tension or torsion and also the size. Garage springs come in many different sizes as per door weight. The replacement ranges from R650.00 to R2350.00 with the pair of springs supplied. When one spring snaps its always advisable to replace both to get an equal strain. Great attention is needed on the right size of garage door springs when replacing them. One can either use color coding or the size written to know the size.

Please note that spring replacement must be done with an experienced garage door repair technician as this can cause serious harm.

What is the cost of service on the garage door?

The service on garage doors is classified in two, general service and major service. General service starts from R650.00 while major service starts from R1350.00

  • General garage door service involves cleaning of rails and lubrication, tightening loose screws and spring re tensioning. This is usually done within 2 hours at most and proper lubricants are used.
  • Major garage door service has all that is involved in general service. This will also include roller wheels and hinges change. Springs are replaced in a major service too. Get professional help in Midrand area today.

Types of garage doors

  1. Roll up garage door
steel roll up door
Garage door repairs Midrand Area

This is a steel roll up door that comes in different colors and makes. This generally the cheaper option on garage doors in our market today. Like any other type of garage door the roll up door needs proper installation and safety precautions to ensure smooth operations. There is special type of roll up motors designed to automate this type of garage door. Roll up doors differ in weight depending on the type of material used to make the door. Garage doors are fitted with torsion springs carrying the weight to open and closes effortlessly. This type of door is generally cheap on garage door fixing.

Basic maintenance and service

Common problems is when the door starts to open or close heavily. This could be due to a number of issues which includes weak springs, worn out rubber linings or lack of lubrication. Routine maintenance would be lubrication and cleaning of rails. Please never use lubricating agents that collects dust like grease and oil. We recommend you use special garage door lubricating oils like Q20 or any other recommended ones. Replacement of springs has to be done with trained garage door repairsman as it can be dangerous.

Sectional garage door

garage door
Aluminum garage door installations

Sectional garage door consist of panels hinged together so it slides up in the side rails when opening. They come in single doors or double with a standard double garage door measurement of 4850mm by 2100mm. There 4 main types of sectional garage doors named from the type of material used to make the door. These different types are meant to meet the design and budget needs. Below is a quick view of the four main types of sectional garage doors.

garage door
Aluminum sectional garage door

Aluminum sectional garage doors are generally light in weight. You gate them in different colors as well as custom made sizes.

Aluminum glass door
Glass aluminum garage door

Alu glass garage door are framed using aluminum and fitted with glass designs. These garage doors are heavy and can weigh up to 180kg for a double one.

wooden garage door
single wooden garage door

Wooden sectional garage door is almost the traditional one that people are used to. They are made of wood and many people don’t prefer them much given higher maintenance cost.

alu zinc garage door
Alu zinc garage door

Alu zinc door are not made of pure aluminum as the name suggest. Like the are aluminum doors they are light in weight and low on maintenance. the other greatest advantage is they are the cheapest in the range.

Tip up garage door

Most manufacturers do not make this type of . The tip up garage door opens in the style that the name suggest and generally doesn’t give much head room for bigger cars. We still provide with repair and servicing of these doors despite the scarcity of spares on these doors. This door is generally expensive on garage door repairs.

Tip up garage door
  • The door must sit level closing the bottom evenly given the floor is level.
  • The door must be able to stay at any level of opening which means it must not fall or open up
  • Opening or closing the garage door must be effortless by hand.
  • Runs smooth without a lot of squeaking sounds
Common Garage door problems
  • broken springs
  • garage door too heavy to open by hand
  • broken and loose hinges
  • Rotten wood panel
  • the door gets is not opening fully
  • garage door opens skew
  • Garage motor cant open the door

These and others are the common garage door faults but never crack your head we can fix it for you. Please call us today for all your garage door repairs and installation needs in and around Midrand.


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