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Our service is mainly to supply and install top of the range electric gate motors namely Centurion gate motors, Gemini, Hansa, ET as well as DTS motors. We do not only promise you reasonably priced motor gate and installation costs, but also great awesome service. Being in the industry for so many years we have come to believe in ” Do it right the first time policy“. In this page we will explain factors, considerations, gate motor types, sizes and applications for successful gate motor installations in you area. Check our gate motor installation prices here or garage door prices here.

Factors to consider for new gate motor installation

There is a number of factors that determine both the type and size of gate motor to be installed. In most cases the biggest factor is gate size as it will determine the gate weight. Load capacity of gate motors start from 300kgs up to 3000kgs of gate weight. The other factor would be the number of operations the gate must make in a day. We usually advise our clients to go one size higher the normal weight of the gate just to give more lifespan to the motor. Contact us today for one of our friendly gate motor installers in your area to give technical advice. Get our monthly specials here.

Gate motor installation is made easier and effective with a proper installation of the actual gate. A smooth rolling gate gives less work to the motor and remember the gate motor is not installed to push the heavy gate. We have had many people who ask for gate motor installation in because they feel the gate is too heavy for the to open. Unfortunately this is not the main purpose of gate motors, but rather to open and close without need to push or pull the gate.

What causes the gate motor to break short after installation?

When the above mentioned pre-installation checks are not done right the motor gate gives problems not long after installation. Over and above all the checks we have mentioned earlier there is one more thing we have learnt over the years. If your gate has been working manually for a long time you need to consider putting new gate wheels on gate motor installation. This does not make sense to many but the fact is the remote gate motor pushes the gate at a faster speed than we do manually. Therefore if the gate wheels were already wearing out then the gate just speed up the process because of its speed. Lastly the cheaper way or short cut can be expensive, as such we advise you use professional gate services. Always use gate motor installers near you who give workmanship guarantee of at least 12 months.

Gate motor Types and sizes

Centurion D5 smart motor
The Centurion gate motors

D5 smart Centurion gate motor

This is the latest Centurion D5 smart 24V sliding gate motor for light industrial and domestic installations. Smart as the name of the gate motor suggest this motor is really the finest in technology. It is a 24V DC gate motor with amazing speed application to help control your gate from your smart phone.

Centurion D2 turbo
Centurion D2 turbo sliding gate motor
Centurion D2 Turbo

The Centurion D2 turbo is meant for gates with weight of up to 250kgs or less. The greatest innovation is its amazing opening and closing speed. The pull force of the gate must not be more than 9kgf. We advise you seek professional motor gate installers advice before taking this gate motor as your option.

centurion D5 Evo gate motor
Centurion D5 Evo slider
Centurion D5 EVO slider

The Centurion D5 Evo sliding gate motor is the most common gate motor available for most consumers today. This motor has proved over the years to be South Africa best and reliable motor. This Gate motor has its predecessor that was on the market and commonly known as Centurion D5 Old. With this motor you can install for a sliding gate that is up to 500kgs. It can be used on light industrial and domestic use, its a 12V DC motor with a charger to keep the battery full. One of the greatest advantage is its user friendly LCD screen making it easier to navigate the menu. Contact us for a quick gate motor installation quotation.

Centurion D10 gate motor
Centurion D10 sliding gate motor
Centurion D10 heavy duty gate motor

The Centurion D10 gate motor is a 24V DC motor for heavy duty industrial and complex applications. This sliding gate motor drives up to 1000kgs and 12m in length capable of handling high volume traffic. The best application for this type of motor is big heavy gates and gates with high volume of traffic.

Gemini 12 VDC slider
Gemini 12V DC slider

Gemini 12V 7ah sliding gate motor

The Gemini gate motor has had a very big market share locally with one of its early AC motor proving to be so reliable. This particular one is their latest version which is a 12V DC gate motor for light industrial and domestic applications. Best known also for affordability and meeting most consumers in prices, most house have had this gate motor installed.

Gemini 24 VDC industrial motor
Gemini 24V slider
Gemini 24V heavy duty gate motor

Responding to the need to automate heavy gates, Gemini developed their own heavy duty motor. This motor can handle heavy gates of up to 1000kgs with capacity to handle high traffic volumes. Its also like many later models is 24V DC gate motor.

ET gate motors

These Et gate motors have brought in some amazing innovation to the gate motor industry. Above is their heavy duty motor and domestic motor respectively. The technology that makes ET motors stand out in the market is that some of their motor can be driven with AC only without battery. Most have known these motors to be true DC battery back up motors because batteries only kick in on heavier loads or when AC is off.

Gate motor installation cost and prices

The price or cost of installing gate motors depends on a few factors. The biggest price difference is mostly due the brand and the gate motor size. Factors like some additional accessories like safety beams, theft resistant brackets or GSM units also contribute. To find out our latest gate motor installation price list click here. It is always advisable to do all the necessary consultations to determine the type of gate motor installation to meet your security and automation needs.

Our policy on gate motor installations is always doing it right the first time. Because we value service it has come to our attention that the right gate motor installations saves money in the long run. With trained technicians all our installations come with a workmanship guarantee. All the new motors comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty to give you more peace of mind.


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