Intercom systems installation repairs


Intercom systems has become very common in our modern communities. This system serves communication between a visitor and property owner. Intercoms comprises of a gate station and the handset. The gate station is where the visitor presses the button to inform the visited person that he is at the gate. Intercom systems come in two types which is wireless and wired system.

Wired intercom systems

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This system is wired from the gate station to the handset in the house. There is many types of wired intercoms system but we deal most with BPT and COMMAX .This system is best when the distance from the gate to the is short ,for long distances wireless is best.

Intercoms allows the visitor to talk to the property owner and also the residents within the property to intercommunicate. One can also open the gate from the handset inside the property. The wired intercoms system is very reliable despite the fact that when wires are damaged its not easy to find where the wire is damaged, hence the need to replace the wires.

There is two types of wired intercoms which are Audio and Video system. The video intercoms allows the visited person to see on the screen who is at gate while they speak to them. The Audio does not allow for the visited person to see but can talk to the visitor.

video intercom system
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Wireless Intercom systems